Just getting started….

 Welcome to (This Girl Blog !!) I’m Christina. The very tired mother behind this page!
My boys and I on a fun day ;)

I love to write, read books, music, am a big believer of DIY and most of all my family.


First time blogger and looking to make this a great experience and to show you guys what I got ! hopefully its what your looking for, haven’t found my super power just yet, still working on it beside Im a 25 year old women come on guys what do you expect, im a full time dental assistant and trying to make time for my two handful wonderful boys, my career as a dental assistant never leaves me time with them so I hope to accomplish two things from this experience, enjoy what I like to do at the same time spend more time at home with my two buddies. I’m never afraid to try new things, whether it be cooking something new or going to a new place. This blog is a way to share all that I have learn as I go through my journey and a way to free my self from my full time job.

I believe you are never to late or far away to try something new with motivation and determination anything is possible, I really hope to see some success in this new venture!


My career as a dental assistant…


  I started as a dental assistant when I was 16 years old one of my first job, it’s actually funny how you start to go to school for medical assistance and end up doing the opposite. That’s to show you that you don’t really need any prior training as most dental offices will train,I’m actually glad I end up doing so because I came to love it! It made me realize that I could be good as a dentist. This jobs has both pros and cons as other jobs has as well, but now that I have kids and live in New York I need time with them  to be the mother I want to be. This job can be awarding as well as overwhelming depending on your position, I started in general dentistry first and did that for the first Five year I would have to say the pay is never good until you get certified but even then it depends on locations and the boss. I did everything from lab work to four handed dentistry, I must say I was pretty good at being a saliva sucker! Which can be pretty boring, my favorite part was interacting with the patients letting them know how easy and how good it is to come to the dentist because let’s face it everyone I ever knew is really scared of the dentist. It wasn’t till I got into specialties that I really loved begin a assistant, I became a orthodontic, pediatrics and oral surgery assistant about 4 years ago. My interest for these specialties was great, it’s amazing how easy it came to loving it working with kids and helping perfecting smiles, though I wish the pay was based on experience and duties it came with. I did Everything but unless your working crazy hours sometimes it’s just not good.

Ps I wish people and kids knew the importance of brushing and taking care oral hyg…… SMILE 🙂